Marketing and Advertising for vacancies
We are well-versed in a variety of marketing areas and have the local market knowledge necessary to minimize vacancy time of your property. We will present your rental to the public via online ads, print media, and on the Prestige PM website.

Respond to inquiries regarding your rental, show the property and screen prospective tenants
We promptly answer inquiries regarding your property and schedule showings to increase occupancy and minimize vacancies. We perform rigorous background & credit checks, verify income, employment, and previous rental history, on all prospective tenants over the age of 18. We follow all federal and state real estate regulations to ensure you are in full compliance.

Prepare Lease Agreements and Facilitate Move in
We prepare the lease agreement for tenants review and signature, as well as, maintain all necessary records and documentation related to your property.

Property Inspections
Regularly scheduled inspections to ensure and maintain the value of your investment.

Maintenance Services & Coordination

Prestige PM provides timely maintenance and repairs on your property. We have an extensive network of real estate and construction professionals within Southern California, allowing us to provide you with discounts unavailable elsewhere. We can assist you with everything from the minor service call to a complete remodel. We coordinate and oversee vendors to ensure the quality of the completed work meets our high standards.

Rent Collection
We are diligent in collecting your rent in a timely manner. We set an expectation with each new tenant that rent must be paid on time. Rental payments are processed and payments disbursed to you, on a monthly basis. We maintain a computerized system to provide you with an accurate and complete statement of your account each month.

In the event that a tenant can no longer meet their rental obligation, Prestige PM will work closely with your legal representative through the eviction process or we can refer you to a experienced legal professional who specializes in evictions.