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Meet the Team

About Us

Meet the Team

Each member of Prestige possesses a unique an exceptional skill set instrumental to our success, and a commitment to serving our clients with integrity. Every sale that we complete truly requires a team effort and our clients benefit from the variety and diverse backgrounds we offer. We have helped set a higher standard for the real estate industry and we take pride in the reputation we have earned. Phone calls are returned promptly, appointments are kept, fees are fair, workmanship standards are high, and we arrive ready to do our best work for you, our client.

Picture of Alysa Morello-Clark
Alysa Morello-Clark President

Energetic, innovative, passionate, and intensely professional, Alysa Morello-Clark is a born “natural” in a demanding industry, as clients who put their trust in this outstanding young real estate agent soon discover. Alysa originally hails from New Jersey; at the age of 22, she made the courageous decision to leave her home state and move to California. She came partly for the mild climate but mostly for the entrepreneurial opportunities she expected to find. It was a wise choice, ultimately leading to a career ideally suited to her innate ability to grasp the implications and opportunities of shifting market dynamics, interest in architecture, and a rare gift for working closely with people to assist in complex real property transactions.

Alysa is known for concierge-style service and consistent, swift response to clients as well as market shifts. Over the years, Alysa has purchased, owned, and sold several investment properties. Her extensive, continuing hands-on experience in that area contributes as well to making her an invaluable resource to her clients.

Picture of Brad Clark
Brad Clark Broker, Property Manager

Brad comes from a family of real estate entrepreneurs and investors. In addition to his experience managing others’ investments, he grew up with the experience of managing his own family’s units. He also gained valuable experience working for his family’s contracting company, doing repairs and maintenance for more than 300 properties. His unique background gives Brad added insight and understanding of an owner’s needs and bottom line interest. Outside of his family business, Brad has worked as project manager and client relations representative for construction and restoration services, in addition to working as a part-time Realtor® and in various sales and marketing positions. Whether developing relationships with people, processing paperwork, or swinging a hammer, Brad performs his work with skill and integrity.

Picture of Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez Maintenance Coordinator

Raul gets to deal with some pretty difficult situations, yet he is one of the happiest people we know. Raul heads up the service department and ensures that all of our properties service needs are met. He meticulously organizes and coordinates the daily schedules to accommodate our outside vendors and tenants. He also works very closely with our leasing department and is in charge of rent ready estimates when a property goes vacant. He understands the high level of customer service our clientele expects, and is essential in exceeding your expectations.

Picture of Jerry Mazzochi
Jerry Mazzochi Leasing Consultant

Jerry Mazzochi, from Bridgeton, New Jersey, has extensive customer service experience. His previous full time job was 40 years in the Manufacturing Management involved all facets of the business - engineering, purchasing, planning, production control, warehousing, and you guessed it -- customer service. He served in the United States Marine Corps and has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business from the University of Maryland. Jerry has been instrumental in the success at Prestige Property Management and has worked diligently with the organization to help promote continued best practices. Jerry currently resides in Seal Beach and enjoys hiking, reading and attending a Dodgers game when he is not working.