“My wife and I have used other property management companies for years. They were in LA and Ventura County. When we moved to Orange County and acquired a couple properties we started our search for a “Good” property management company and found so many companies that had bad reviews or were just burned out and not really caring. We called Prestige Property Management and interviewed them on site, and it felt like they were the property owners trying to make sure we had the best care and management possible. We couldn’t be happier using Prestige we’ve added more homes for them and know that everything and every detail will be taken care of. The Prestige team has great communication with us and are always looking to make sure we are happy, and our tenants are happy, that is what a great management company should do and that’s why we highly recommend using Prestige Property Management and we have told other friends to use them.”
- Mike & Kim

“Jennifer and I have had the pleasure of using the Prestige Property Management team for our leasing efforts in Dana Point and Mission Viejo. We have multiple investments in many areas of SoCal and have used them in south Orange County. On both occasions, we felt our business needs were met professionally and with great care and support of our investment needs. Both Brad and Alysa walked us through the leasing market and together provided us with a leasing model we used when seeking solid long-term tenants. In the case of Mission Viejo, we decided to use Prestige and their property management team. We are in the early stages of that lease but we are sure we will be pleased with their management team and their efforts.

Brad and Alysa are highly professional and have always treated us with the utmost of care and we continue to rely on them for keeping us up to date on the leasing market in the Orange County area.

Thank you Prestige Property Management for your efforts. ”

- Ken and Jennifer

"My work with Brad Clark at Prestige Property Management was exceptional. Brad pays attention to details, provides guidance by giving options and suggestions that can/would add value to the property. As a result, we were able to lease the property for maximum value. Prestige Property Management did an excellent job in marketing the property, as it was leased within 30 days upon completion of a renovation. I am confident in Brad’s ability to manage property with integrity. He also takes time to know his clients, so you will get that level of client service that you’re looking for. You will not be disappointed."
- Ginny R.

"Finding Brad and this company was one of the year’s best blessings. I called around and found him on a recommendation, and every reference of his I talked to used some version of a similar phrase: “I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brad.” Since going with Prestige I have been blown away (seriously blown away) by how amazing this service is. The rate is great, he doesn’t “nickel and dime” us on any charges like other services would, his wife is amazing and also contributes, he goes above and beyond his job description again and again and again. If I made a list of the ways he did this, the post would be too long and wouldn’t get read. Suffice it to say that there is no better property management service out there."
- Jenny R.

“We recently used Prestige Property Management to help us find a qualified family to rent our property in Buena Park. The gentleman we worked with was Brad Clark and we were pleasantly surprised how well PRESTIGE preformed. We tried to rent out the property ourselves for a month with no luck. Shorty after finding Brad and his company our place was rented. He was able to find several people who were interested and qualified. The house rented in two weeks. WOW! I strongly recommend using Prestige Property Management if you are serious about renting your property quickly with the right family. Thank You Brad Clark!!”
- Isaac & Maria H

“We’re very happy with Prestige Property Management. They have done an excellent job with my properties, they are always very responsive to requests, and my properties are rarely vacant for more than a short time. It is important that our tenants are satisfied and PPM does that by responding to maintenance issues quickly and professionally. We are very satisfied with the service we’ve received from Prestige Property Mgmt and highly recommend them to other property owners seeking a top-notch property manager in the Southern California area.”
- Curt R